1. anhaar nisar's Avatar
    Hey Guys

    I am new here.. so i just hope that you guys can help me out... my blackberry bold 9790 are having some problems... the touch screen will stop working in the middle and then i need to reboot so that it can start working again.. i dont know why this happened because i dont remember dropping my mobile somewhere... and the other problem is that the Bluetooth is not pairing with any device except for the ones which are already saved.. i started facing this problem recently.. it can detect a Bluetooth device but when i try to connect with it, it says ' Unable To Pair '.. i am getting really frustrated by this... i have checked all the basic solutions like whether the data transfer check box is checked or not... everything seems to be fine... i have been using this mobile since 11 months.. i really need help...

    Thank You
    01-16-13 12:35 AM
  2. friendglobally's Avatar
    try removing all pairings, rebooting your phone by battery pull...leave battery out for 1 minute....and be sure to use "0000" for the new pairings code :-)

    hopefully that will solve the problem :-)
    01-16-13 02:41 AM

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