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    9790 is a very good phone ... but battery life is so so for some heavy users... after bying a mugen battery and use the 569 os ... i use anothers tips to get battery longer !

    If like me you are in a 3g umts network ( and can't go back to 2g gsm because 2g not exist ) you can disable hsupa and hsdpa to save a little of battery ...
    go here :
    Zibri's Blog: Hidden things are usually the best

    go to Mobile Network Engineering Screens...
    Radio Capabilities...
    HSPA Support...
    Disable HSUPA and Disable HSDPA ...

    you don't get 7.2 mbits and 5.6 mbits in upload ... i really don't see difference for normal use ( bbm email mms etc ... ) ... i only see difference if i tether or go to a speedtest !

    Warning ... DON T TOUCH ANY OTHERS SETTING IN Mobile Network Engineering Screens
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    11-18-12 05:09 PM
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    Great tweak!,

    Also you could change the "Light Sensor Information" under OS Engineering Screens - Light Sensor via the BB button, LS Behave Data. You have 3 different sets for the Display and 3 for the Keypad. Change the lower and upper numbers and the min. visible, then BB button and "Update Zone Details".

    I found the default bright levels are too high for me. Now I have about 3% in Dim, 5% in Office mode and 15% in Sun light.

    I think these setting also gives you more juice, but there are not forever. Every time you reboot or turn-off the default settings comes back.

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    11-19-12 05:35 AM
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    Ohhh Thanks ! L u i s !
    11-20-12 04:24 PM

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