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    Hey folks.

    I am using a 9790 on Vodafone UK. I have very poor coverage at home, so I use Vodafone's Suresignal, which usually works great. However, with my 9790, if I walk through the door and the phone is on 2g, even though the signal strength is virtually non existent, it will not switch automatically to 3G. if the signal strength drops out completely, then it will find the suresignals 3G. The two other phones we have (Nokia 6700 Classic and BB Curve) switch automatically, as did my previous BB 9900.

    If I switch it to 3g only, then it picks up the 3g signal from the sure signal and holds it, even if I switch straight back to 3g & 2g. It just won't do it automatically.

    Any ideas?
    05-20-12 05:21 AM
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    Which OS version are you using?
    I'm pretty much the same as you with poor 3G coverage in my area, and a Sure Signal at home... but all my bolds (9700, 9780, 9790 and 9900) will immediately switch to 3G on the Sure Signal as soon as I walk in the door. All of them are set to 3G & 2G in Mobile Network settings.
    I'm running on the 9790, and the 3G switch-over is almost instant.
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    05-20-12 08:01 AM
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    Hi Phill

    thanks for responding. It is running the original software it came with, which I would assume to be 7.0. The phone is factory unlocked with no operator software, logo's or splashscreens.

    My previous phone was a 9900 and used to do exactly that. As soon as I walked through the door it would switch to 3g picked up through the sure signal. This one will not do it unless the 2g signal drops out altogether or I switch it to 3g only manually. It then holds on to 3g, even if I switch it straight back to 3g & 2g and will continue to do so until I next leave the house.
    05-20-12 12:24 PM
  4. Phill_UK's Avatar
    Try updating to OS7.1 and see if that helps.
    05-20-12 12:53 PM
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    I'm not the most tech savvy when it comes to this stuff. Is it easy to do and are there any implications to doing this?
    05-20-12 04:58 PM
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    12-01-12 01:09 PM
  7. Rizka Wira Gendon's Avatar
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    12-01-12 01:44 PM