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    I had several BB (8700, 8310, 8900 + pearl second phone, 9780) never had an hardware issue and been a bb fan to the core.

    When my 9780 display went black all of sudden I felt sad for having my first hardware failure in years but I quickly ordered through ebay from a shop in London the 9790.

    I was pleased enough with the 9780 so I thought the 9790 would have come closer to the perfect smartphone having the touch screen.

    Unfortunately I have been unlucky ever since I unboxed the device have a major issue: battery drain and over heating.

    There are certain things that trigger an incredible battery drain (I'm talking 40/60% per hour) and overheating: link the device with the laptop regardless if for charging or sync data, battery pull (so forget swap sim cards on a plan when travelling to different country), partial charging.

    I've tried several things to solve the problem:
    - different OS version either 7.0 and 7.1 official and leaked
    - different batteries
    - different sim cards
    - different memory cards
    - different cables
    - different charging pods/power supplies

    Unfortunately nothing was able to fix the issue so I've been living with it since April meanwhile I come to learn that many bb7 device are affected by the same issue. I think RIM should have recall the devices affected. Since that some devices seems not to be affected by the issue I guess I should send it in for repair however I need it for work and I should purchase another one to use while in repair and I dont want to spend another 300 knowing that in a few months I'll be purchasing a BB10.

    It's frustrating to say the list that I cannot fully enjoy this 9790 because other than that it would be a very good bb.

    I guess this is my rant about the 9790.
    09-14-12 07:11 AM
  2. ngc's Avatar
    40/60% per hour?? Looks like you got a faulty phone man... I usually get about 20 hours of battery life out of my 9790 always on 3G and I'm a farily meium/heavy user, BBM all day, emails all day, about 30 min of calls a day, Facebook when I'm bored, etc...

    I think you shoulod send it to get it checked out...
    09-14-12 08:14 AM
  3. Dave79's Avatar
    I know the device has some issue and I should send it in for repair but I want to point out there are many bb7 devices out there with the same issue. Three others among my friends and it's not that I have that many friends left using bb.
    09-14-12 01:03 PM
  4. thecheta's Avatar
    Idk what your talking about i know MANY people with blackberry 7 phones and none of them had those problems.....blame they guy on ebay...not RIM...

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    09-14-12 05:04 PM
  5. Dave79's Avatar
    Probably you dont know exactly what you're talking about since I bought it on ebay it doesnt mean I bought I used phone from some random dude. I've bought a brand new phone with seal on the box still intact from a London shop on ebay that has also a brick and mortar shop in London.

    Since they do not manufacture bb all in the same factory it might also be that a bunch of them that are (were) on the Euroean market are affected by this issue it could have been a single lot from a single factory but the issue is there and you can check different forum and you'll see people complaining about it. Mine was made in Taiwan.
    09-14-12 05:18 PM
  6. ngc's Avatar
    thats totally plausible...

    I'm from Caracas, Venezuela and one of the carriers (Movistar) was selling the 9900 and a complete lot came defective with the red led...

    Maybe you and your friends have bought them from a bad lot??
    09-17-12 01:45 PM
  7. ryo lai's Avatar
    I don't know this is truth or not. All 9790 and playbook are made in taiwan except the demo set from rim in canada.
    09-19-12 10:53 AM