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    LIVE NOW!!!!!!!

    XAPIRE gives you a new UI experience for your Blackberry

    Features :
    Wallpaperlover ( Almost fit with all kind of wallpapers )
    Slide up / slide down clock
    You can have 4 icons, 8 icons, 12 icon or No icon. you decide it
    custom battery and signal
    Smooth icons animation effect
    Flashing stars twinkle effect
    clean and fast ( No carrier and network on homescreen )

    For Touch devices (9800,9500)
    Support landscape mode.
    All features on potrait mode work perfectly on landscape mode.
    100 % trackpad supports ( 9800 )


    -Please make sure that you select the right device and OS version (to check your OS go to Options- About).
    -Don't accept any claims about the wrong version or OS been purchased or downloaded.
    -Please see the screenshot and check the features info 1st before purchasing because we don't accept any personal modification or request.
    -Subsequent claims can not be taken into account! Also check screenshots first and then select the theme you want! Screenshots can be found in Theme Store.
    -Remember to perform a battery pull after installing a new theme.
    -You MUST have a data plan/internet access on your BlackBerry in order to install themes.
    ================================================== =


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    06-14-11 12:51 PM
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    It looks awesome! I can't wait!!
    06-14-11 03:15 PM
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    06-14-11 04:47 PM
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    I'm curious!

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    06-14-11 05:51 PM
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    looks like a keeper ....This will be interesting.
    06-14-11 10:31 PM
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    info updated! and live now.. see 1st post
    would love to have you guys review on store and screenshots here..

    thank you...
    06-15-11 12:52 AM
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    Great job!

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    06-15-11 10:34 AM
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    my some of my collections
    06-15-11 12:59 PM
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    06-16-11 07:49 AM
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    06-17-11 08:17 AM
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    06-20-11 09:41 AM
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    I prefer 4 corners icons
    06-21-11 12:56 PM
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    I just bought this theme and it is sick! I though heartbeat was good, but this blows it out of the water. GREAT job!
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    06-21-11 04:37 PM
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    Love Xapire
    07-08-11 06:26 AM