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    COMING SOON.............

    As elegant as a VELrari (ferrari) and as beautiful as a rOZe (rose), that is VELOZ by Walker Themes, another new and 1st done ever unique way of the CLOCK.

    VELOZ is easy to use, you wouldn't have to recognize any HOTKEYS on your Blackberry. you don't have to turn off homescreen dial from your Blackberry (os6) because you have your own Blackberry you decide what to do with it. Just play with the homescreen buttons.

    What VELOZ offers are simply, useful, and beauty.

    SIMPLY : wont bother you guys to remember/recognize any hotkeys
    USEFUL : Today plus which can help our daily activities
    BEAUTY : All customized icons, graphic and perfect coloring combination


    ---------- ----
    Unique Vertical clock ( 12hours / 24hours are perfect )
    6 user defineable icons ( Hideable )
    Weather Slot / OCD icon slot
    Today Plus ( messages & Calendar ) ( Hideable )
    Wallpaper Lover
    Brand new custom icon set
    Custom Battery
    Custom Signal


    For Touch devices (9800,9500)
    Support landscape mode.
    All features on potrait mode work perfectly on landscape mode.
    100 % trackpad supports ( 9800 )


    - Please make sure that you select the right device and OS version (to check your OS go to Options- About).

    -Please see the screenshot and check the features info 1st before purchasing because we don't accept any personal modification or request.

    -Subsequent claims can not be taken into account! Also check screenshots first and then select the theme you want! Screenshots can be found in mobi store.

    -Remember to perform a battery pull after installing a new theme.

    -You MUST have a data plan/internet access on your BlackBerry in order to install themes.

    -For Customer / Technical Support, Please write an email to Product Technical support which is stated on purchased receipt from mobihand / store

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  2. Jennifer72's Avatar
    I love the looks of this theme. When will it be available?

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    09-01-11 01:01 AM
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    Thanks, seems nice!
    09-01-11 03:23 AM
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    info updated and will be up not more than 18 hours

    becoz just faced some trouble while upload to mobihand and just fixed it
    09-06-11 07:08 AM
  5. r-walker's Avatar
    VELOZ is live now, follow me on twitter to get some special offer with codes
    09-07-11 12:39 AM
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    Amazing as always ..... mastah
    09-07-11 03:11 AM
  7. mizzy2010's Avatar

    you are really something walker! always brings new concept and stuff .
    great design and unique! Love the clock
    LOVE you & VELOZ
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    09-07-11 12:53 PM
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    09-07-11 02:46 PM
  9. mizzy2010's Avatar

    Love at the 1st sight
    09-07-11 10:55 PM
  10. andyahs's Avatar
    09-08-11 06:55 AM
  11. Jennifer72's Avatar

    you are really something walker! always brings new concept and stuff .
    great design and unique! Love the clock
    LOVE you & VELOZ
    Can you please share your wp?
    09-08-11 08:34 AM
  12. mizzy2010's Avatar
    Can you please share your wp?
    of course

    09-08-11 11:29 PM
  13. andyahs's Avatar
    09-23-11 10:39 AM