1. Derek Mc's Avatar
    OK I give in,

    I went in to, options, display, screen display tried to access the theme option but it seems blocked locked or otherwise screwed up?
    02-23-11 07:39 AM
  2. Derek Mc's Avatar
    Anyone help me with this at all?
    02-23-11 11:20 AM
  3. ridesno159's Avatar
    No need to bump your thread after such a short time.

    You need to provide us with more information to get any help though.
    Do you have any other themes installed?
    What exactly happens when you want to switch themes?
    Maybe give us a screenshot?
    What OS do you have installed? Carrier?

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    02-23-11 11:36 AM
  4. Derek Mc's Avatar
    Sorry, was just seeking some help and got a bit impatient

    OS6, no other themes installed, Orange UK airtime.

    When I go to themes I am unable to alter or open it I only have the Blackberry 6 for,,,, (active) and then the box with a cog inside that goes blue, when I select/press that it goes to home screen preferences no sign of any theme options.

    I am at a bit of a loss on this
    02-23-11 12:02 PM
  5. aznlgcy's Avatar
    From what you have mentioned it seems that you only have one theme option and that is called, "Blackberry 6"?

    By the looks of things you only have the Stock theme installed. You need to download other themes in order to be able to select other ones. You can find lots of other themes free and premium ones in the forums

    02-23-11 12:07 PM
  6. Derek Mc's Avatar
    I did download another couple of themes but they refuse to be found I guess I will need to be content with the OEM one till I figure out my error!
    02-24-11 03:45 AM
  7. amlbuton's Avatar
    This themes that you download, is it for OS 5 or OS 6?
    I happen to have this kind of issue as well, I download OS 5 themes & not appears in theme option.
    02-24-11 05:09 AM
  8. Derek Mc's Avatar
    They are supposedly OS 6 ones from this place in the 9780 section, so ought to be right?
    02-24-11 07:12 AM
  9. ridesno159's Avatar
    Are these themes in your applications list? Options> Device> Application Management. If so, they aren't compatible. If they aren't, then they didn't install at all.

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    02-24-11 08:15 AM
  10. Derek Mc's Avatar
    I checked and they say OS6 compatible but simply don't show up I did manager finally to do a download of a theme from appworld.blackberry so I can at last fathom out that I need to download with the device not my laptop!
    02-25-11 11:18 AM
  11. ridesno159's Avatar
    How were you downloading themes from here before?

    98% of the themes that are here on CB in the forums have only OTA (over the air) links to them. They must be clicked from your BlackBerry to be installed properly.

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    02-25-11 12:35 PM