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    Available in Mobihand for $5.99

    With a unique minimalistic design, this theme is crafted for the wallpaper connoisseur by giving an incredible 8 colors to choose from for Home Screen Text and Signal/Battery Meters. Tarnished Features:

    Custom control panel
    8 Home screen text and meter colors to choose from
    3 Basic banners to choose from(Dark Gloss, Light, Grey)
    Set meters to visible or not
    Set icon dock to visible or not
    Set OCD(Weather icon slot) to visible or not
    Set OCD(Weather icon slot) text to visible or not
    Full Landscape and Trackpad support for the BlackBerry Torch
    RAK Shortcuts to give you a consistent experience with all Vision Mobility BlackBerry themes

    • (F) Profiles
    • (0) SMS and MMS
    • (S) Universal Search
    • (alt + w) Pictures
    • (alt + e) Music
    • (alt + r) Videos
    • (alt + s) Twitter 4 BlackBerry
    • (alt + d) Facebook
    • (alt + f) YouTube
    • (alt + z) Setup Wifi
    • (alt + x) Ringtones

    (alt + c) Manage Connections

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