09-26-11 01:33 AM
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  1. Mvor7's Avatar
    (Simple EleganSIX)

    Alright, alright, before this new themebuilder ends up eating up all my time again, here is my ONE AND ONLY shot at a OS6 theme!

    It's the basic OS6 'simple theme' many were desperately seeking (my wife included) with a little curve.
    I think it quite nicely picks up on the curve of the keyboard!

    Enjoy and FREE of course!


    (in-use screenshot from Matrix Leader)
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    01-28-11 12:38 AM
  2. agough05's Avatar
    Not bad! Thank you for sharing! Definitely makes me feel OS 5 again but the curves are actually really noticeable and quite nice. Excellent work.

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    01-28-11 12:46 AM
  3. latin_teacher85's Avatar
    Sweet simpke theme love it thanks bro!

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    01-28-11 01:37 AM
  4. Noobie101's Avatar
    finally!! but is there anyway to get txt messages shortcut as the $ buttons and the s as uni search? great theme otherwise! thanks
    01-28-11 02:07 AM
  5. latin_teacher85's Avatar
    Noticed the message notifications get cut off when you have multiple ones up!

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    01-28-11 03:06 AM
  6. Matrix Leader's Avatar
    Thanks alot man!! Finally! I got rid of that annoying ALL, Favorites, Media bar that was driving me nuts!

    Great job, and thanks for making it free! This ons is a keepfor for a long time, I like simple themes especially when they are free!
    01-28-11 07:10 AM
  7. Brazen9000's Avatar
    Sweet! Many thanks
    01-28-11 08:25 AM
  8. DawgMan's Avatar
    Thanks for the great theme and especially giving it to us for free.
    01-28-11 08:59 AM
  9. ubizmo's Avatar
    Nice work! This is just what many of us have been waiting for.
    01-28-11 12:18 PM
  10. GLOCKshooter's Avatar
    Very cool! Thanks for getting one out quick.

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    01-28-11 12:47 PM
  11. bimapranachitra's Avatar
    First off, good job, man!!
    I really like your theme, and been using it for 24 hours now.

    The only lack might be: the battery icon won't show me the charging bolt animation each time I charge the device. So that the only way to make sure if it's charging properly I should take a peek on the browser to see the charging bolt animation.

    That's all I have to say.

    Once again, thanks for such wonderful theme. I look forward for your next creation
    01-28-11 04:10 PM
  12. tfrankson's Avatar
    Very Nice Theme. I also notice this.

    Noticed the message notifications get cut off when you have multiple ones up!

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    01-28-11 04:13 PM
  13. RegN's Avatar
    Thank you very much. I found this thread late. I actually purchased a theme but not as cool with your curves. And of course yours was free. I am likiing it
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    01-28-11 08:58 PM
  14. badger1963's Avatar
    Sweet theme! Thanks for making it free! Finding free themes these days are few and far between. Especially now that the OS6 TB is leaked out, people are re-issuing their old themes and charging AGAIN for them. Anyway.....thanks again!!!

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    01-28-11 09:50 PM
  15. ac420's Avatar
    thank you way too many "premium" themes out there..
    01-28-11 09:51 PM
  16. Mvor7's Avatar
    I have always believed that there's more to life then material things. I have everything I need, and the things I want I really don't need. If I have been blessed a small present of inspiration, wouldn't it be a shame not to share but charge for it?
    Your thanks is all the compensation for my time I need.

    01-28-11 11:13 PM
  17. ElDuderino2112's Avatar
    Great theme! Exactly what I wanted! I've noticed the notifications getting cut off as well as the little clock logo getting cut off when you have the alarm turned on. If those were fixed this theme would be perfect in my eyes. Hopefully you can fix that in an update soon, besides that thank you so much!

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    01-29-11 12:45 AM
  18. greggebhardt's Avatar
    I LOVE your theme! Have used it for a day now and make my 9780 even more loved!

    I could only ask someone to make "simple" Today theme.

    I thank you again!
    01-29-11 07:00 AM
  19. krod622's Avatar
    thanks for this theme! i love it and the fact that it is free!!
    01-29-11 08:11 AM
  20. smartbuddy's Avatar
    Love it, better than some of the premium themes available out there right now!
    01-29-11 09:46 AM
  21. Deathcommand's Avatar
    I have a 9650. I want to tell you thank you. Because for the past forever I was looking for a theme like this.

    I've been using it for a few days now and its amazing. Thank you so much. I love it.

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    01-30-11 11:34 PM
  22. Bibliotheque's Avatar
    Thanks, I love it!
    01-31-11 01:29 PM
  23. smartbuddy's Avatar
    Just fix the battery charging icon and its a Great Theme already!
    02-02-11 10:57 PM
  24. Maseroche's Avatar
    Very nice theme! Appreciate your efforts into making it and keeping it free.
    02-04-11 05:05 AM
  25. Matrix Leader's Avatar
    After trying so many themes (Fre and Premium), I still find this to be the best of them all!
    02-05-11 05:12 AM
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