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    NOTE: Please ensure device compatibility prior to purchasing. Please review screenshots and theme description for details on hotspots and features prior to contacting support. After downloading, please do a full battery pull (not soft reset) to properly install theme.

    *NO CHANGES (other than bug fixes) or customization will be made.*
    Compatible devices:

    9800 OS6

    9780 OS6
    9700 OS6
    9700 OS5
    9650 OS5
    9650 OS6
    9630 OS5

    Vie. Show off your life through your favorite photographs and wallpapers with simplicity. A minimalistic theme with crystal clear banners, docks and focus icons allow maximum visibility without losing navigation and functionality. The homescreen launcher blends in with any background and serves dually as a hidden dock launcher and picture launcher. Click on the date to access a hidden calendar feature. Messages can be accessed by clicking on the bottom notifications banner. Show off your weather icons or easily access any application through the hideable OCD slot. The large clock is both stylish and easy on the eyes for those who need quick access to the time/alarm features. Want to use light colored wallpapers or photos? Vie's "Tint" feature allows you to do just that. Select your wallpaper and click the "z" button on the home screen to activate "Tint". This will darken your screen by 20%, increasing visibility of banner items, clock and date.
    Torch model supports home screen navigation. Message screen completely defaulted for font app compatibility.


    Homescreen Launcher: Click left side to hide dock, right side to show. Click on the circle in the center of the launcher for access to Pictures application.

    Click on Date to access Calendar hotspot.

    Click on Notifications Banner to access Messages.

    Hideable OCD Slot: +/- hotkeys

    Tint Feature: z/x hotkeys

    Note: Tint feature is defaulted to ON when installing theme.

    Many thanks to my chicas @flybabyroxy and @suself for naming this theme. Luv u guys! xoxo

    Image: Suat Eman / FreeDigitalPhotos

    5 Random freebies to be given away.

    Purchase for $1.49 for a limited time.
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    Wow ill be grabbing this for sure! Looks great! And I love the wallpaper!

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    06-28-11 02:26 AM
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    wow.. another genuine idea... you never run out of ideas do you... lol...
    06-28-11 02:27 AM
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    I posted in the wrong section... but i still like your theme!
    06-28-11 05:29 AM
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    Another great theme. I will be adding this to my collection. (This will be my 4th one of yours I have purchased). Keep up the great work!
    06-28-11 06:03 AM
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    great theme...if you're giving some away i'll take one please.
    06-28-11 06:47 AM
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    06-28-11 06:58 AM
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    beautiful theme .. can i get a free copy please
    06-28-11 07:26 AM
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    Super as usual!

    06-28-11 07:47 AM
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    nice theme and font too..can you share the font..
    06-28-11 08:07 AM
  11. andyahs's Avatar
    06-28-11 11:06 AM
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    Beautiful! Pls make available on AppWorld so I can purchaes. Thx

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    06-28-11 11:41 AM
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    06-28-11 05:29 PM
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    06-29-11 09:10 AM