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    I'm almost 100% that it doesn't say free or freebies in title. So I'm not sure why you'd be asking!

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    *Reads post* PREMIUM!!!!!! Uh duh! Premium wow I didn't kno that! * sarcastically speaking* y are u upset. Matter of fact y am I even speaking to u...who are you?! Like seriously! I joke wit parker! But U need to mind your own. Now u go sit in the angry corner. Bye boy! Smh

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    OHHHHHH my bad I assumed you were serious since you asked more than once and in the other thread too.

    Tech- awesome theme buds

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    05-03-11 06:15 PM
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    okay, so i wanted to give some quick updates to everyone here...
    1. I have had some requests to make the fonts larger or different colors and change the highlights a little.... honestly I like the fonts the size they currently are, but the majority of the requests are coming from the 5.0 crowd so I'm going to be pushing out an update and a new version at the same time the new version will have the colors changed a little and default fonts so that you can adjust the fonts to the size you need. it will be free to swap to that version for anyone who has already purchased this theme. Just watch for the update email from mobi or crackberry.
    2. contests or giveaways... i am more than happy to give out a free copy of a theme or run a contest, this particular theme is a design I've been working on for a while now and I wanted to put it out for a few more devices before I started any contest, and I have given several copies away. (I always do) Not everyone posting shots purchased the theme, some got it for free for reviews, for testing, or for some previous arrangement I had with them to give them the next theme for free. I enjoy giving back to the community (honestly) and I don't mind giving free copies, but in all fairness I can't give it to the same people every time either.

    3. I'm thinking of modifying the home screen again to make the icon in the first slot either move to the dock or move under the smaller clock when you hide the large clock but I wanted everyone's opinion first. Let me know what you think move slot1 to dock when hiding clock or move under smaller clock?

    4. I'm adding the lockscreen in for the 5.0 users, sorry it's been so long I forgot if you have a bes policy or something your phone is locked 99% of the time so I will be themeing the lockscreen also.
    05-04-11 03:41 PM
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    Bumping this since it got released for Touch devices .. some of you may have missed it - and it would be a crime to let that happen .. ENJOY!
    07-17-11 06:14 PM
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    07-23-11 11:37 PM
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