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    One of the Round Series (Round Two & Round Three)

    Support devices:8330/8350/8520/8530/8910/8900/8980/9000/9630/9650/9700/9780/9788/9790/9350/9360/9370/9310/9320/9220/9900/9930/9981

    it's available on mybbota.com now and I just submitted it to appworld,might need a few days to get approval.

    MyBBOTA.com Download - Round One 3D

    Main Features:

    1. Classic icons from Blackberry OS5

    2. 6 icons in the homescreen with animated 3D layout(user-defined)

    3. One weather Slot(Under English Input: +/- = show/hide)

    4. Pefect Asia language support

    5. Extra hotkeys:


    w=manage connections;


    $=sms($ key must set to US dollar)



    +/-=show/hide weather slot

    Round Two (OS6 icon), Round Three(OS7 icon) coming soon~

    #Premium# Round One 3D from AlmostDone-9930-chinatelecom.png#Premium# Round One 3D from AlmostDone-9930-chinatelecom-01.png#Premium# Round One 3D from AlmostDone-9930-chinatelecom-02.png#Premium# Round One 3D from AlmostDone-9930-chinatelecom-03.png
    12-02-12 09:58 AM

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