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    Prim is a clean, gender neutral, minimalistic and wallpaper friendly theme for the inner theme junkie in you. Prim is packed with an assortment of custom features you'll absolutely love.

    Currently Compatible with:

    480x360 OS5 Devices

    9700/96XX OS5

    9800 Torch OS6
    9700 Bold OS6
    9780 Bold OS6
    9650 Bold OS6

    More devices coming soon!


    * No custom request will be honored/accepted. Themes are AS-IS. Do not purchase this theme if you see or read something in the description that you do not like. Any bugs will definitely be looked at, tested and fixed as far as TB6 will allow.

    Tint feature will allow for better visibility of MOST light wallpapers. This does NOT mean that every wallpaper ever created will allow for full visibility of the meters. Please use common sense.

    Custom battery and signal meters are NOT "cut off". They are plaster faded for effect and home screen maximization*

    OS6 Users: To access most hotkey features, you must disable Universal Search feature in your options menu.

    Many thanks to Flybabyroxy for helping me name this theme. Xoxo!!


    *Defaulted fonts with exception of home screen items.
    *Torch: Landscape mode is themed and both modes allow for trackpad navigation and touch-only hotspots.

    *Hidden theme defined dock w/most commonly used apps:
    -Pics (a must have for wallpaper junkies!)

    Use the theme with or without the hidden dock to maximize your home screen space.

    Hidden dock hotkeys zero/spacebar

    *QuickLaunch hotkey (*) Note: Some may have to configure QL setting to use this hotkey.

    *SocialFeeds hotkey (#)

    *Hidden OCD ( theme does not come with weather app shown in screen shots)
    Hidden OCD hotkeys +/-

    *Hidden Options hotspot
    Hidden Options hotkeys z/x

    *Calendar Hotspot
    Click (touch for 9800 users) on date to access a calendar shortcut!

    *Profiles Hotspot
    Click (touch for 9800 users) on top double-barred status banner to access Profiles hotspot!

    *Messages Hotspot
    Click (touch for 9800 users) on bottom notification banner to access your messages directly from your homescreen!

    *Custom battery and signal meters with fade effect
    Keep the minimalist look with custom, oversized numeric meters and still enjoy your homescreen with out an over-cluttered look.

    *Screen Tint Feature!
    Use Prim with almost any wallpaper, light or dark! Custom clock fonts and meters can sometimes fade into the background completely when you use light colored wallpapers. Minimize that by using the screen tint feature. The screen tint feature will darken your homescreen by 35% so you can enjoy most of your wallpapers and still maintain some visibility of your clock, date and meters.

    Activate tint feature with hotkeys ?/!
    *Note: Tint feature will automatically be set when theme is downloaded. For Torch users, tint is only available in Portrait Mode.

    As usual, I'll be giving away a few to random folks who respond.

    Purchase here for $1.49
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    Wow. It looks awesome!
    But where's the link?

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    06-16-11 07:04 AM
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    Outdone yourself again! Really nice.
    06-16-11 07:20 AM
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    Looks awesome. Excellent job. Would love to receive a free copy.
    06-16-11 07:21 AM
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    Very very nice!!

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    I'd like to get a copy if possible? looks great!
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    LOVE this!! you've done it again with another GREAT theme!!!
    06-16-11 08:33 AM
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    i'd like to have a copy too, to test it please...
    06-16-11 09:44 AM
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    06-16-11 07:52 PM
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    Andy, you always have the most amazing screenshots.

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    This looks beautiful!
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    06-17-11 05:51 PM
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    06-20-11 09:40 AM