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    DDDROID_COMMANDO continues the DDDROID series with a theme (VERY) loosely based on the COMMANDO devicde running the Android operation system.

    It features a uniqely animated arc dock with 5 icons for Torch/Storm and 6 for Bold/Tour [TOUCH (Left of bottom of screen) NON-TOUCH (x)]
    Hiding bottom dock with (4 icons touch and 6 non-touch) [TOUCH (middle of botto of screen) NON-TOUCH (y)]
    And a sliding TEXT dock (8 touch / 7 non- touch) [TOUCH (bottom right of screen) NON-TOUCH (z)

    Best of all is a hideable clock dock with an OCD slot and the BIGGEST digital clock yet!!! [TOUCH (left of screen below the top banner to show, right side of screen to hide; NON-TOUCH (+ to show, - to hide)

    This theme comes in your choice of 2 colors and icon sets:
    RED-red colors, droid icons and android feel throughout.
    BLUE-blue colors, PLAYBOOK icons and default os7 feel.
    PURPLE-purple colors, OS7 "sticker style" icons.

    Available for os5 and 6...be sure to select the correct version at checkout.


    GOINCOMMANDO coupon code gets 5 lucky folks will get COMMANDO for FREE

    SALE SALE SALE ******.99****** SALE SALE SALE (ends 06/26/11)
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    Theme has it all and then some! Big clock - no big clock, Some Icons - no icons.


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    06-18-11 10:44 AM
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    Thanks for the freebies drkapprentice. This is really a great theme. A must have!

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    06-18-11 11:17 AM
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    Yes, this has finally dropped for KB! I had the pleasure of testing, and this theme is AMAZING!!! Here are some of my screenshots

    Oh and watch my video of the theme as well if you'd like:

    (WATCH IN HD!!)

    06-18-11 02:48 PM
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    06-19-11 09:17 AM
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    Glad you enjoy it

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    06-19-11 09:40 AM
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