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    Theme for 480X360px screen (All BlackBerry Bold ™, Curve ™ 8900 ™ and Tour) in OS6.
    Theme "wallpaper friendly" with a small banner at the top and no banner below.
    Hidden today.
    Bottom of the popup application is animated
    A location for the weather (App1)

    $: text message
    Space: QuickLaunch (if installed)
    F: Displays Weather Slot
    G: mask Weather Slot
    Esc: clears today

    Pad to the bottom of the screen displays the applications, erasure by esc
    Clearing the calendar on the home with the escape key.

    Exclusively on OS6 device 480x360px

    Get it:

    Get it:
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    When is this going to be available?
    04-17-11 08:17 PM
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    It is awaiting approval by BB App World, today or tomorrow I think

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    Update link
    05-02-11 08:47 AM