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    This theme allows you to view your application icons on the same screen as a vertical date and clock, maximizing the space for users to put custom wallpapers.

    You can hide the icons to show a crisp vertical date & time by tapping the transparent arrow.

    Custom BLUE highlights & meters throughout.

    Custom message arrows on vertical banner (missed email/phone calls)

    OS7 Icons

    Linear Signal Meters

    Numerical Battery

    12 Home Screen Icons

    Hideable Weather Slot @ to hide, + to show

    Get it here


    __________________________________________________ ______________________


    Get it Here!

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    Nicely done

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    09-30-11 04:12 PM
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    thank you for your help hamsterwheel
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    09-30-11 07:41 PM
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    The "my **** got hacked sale"

    .99 untill tomorrow
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    10-17-11 07:10 AM
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    Excellent Theme! Great Work and Design!

    Do you have a version that uses the default font and font size of the device? I kinda like my fonts to be a bit smaller than normal. Thanks!

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    10-17-11 07:29 PM
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    This theme is GREAT.
    10-18-11 05:05 PM
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    11-05-11 05:27 PM