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    Inure - to become beneficial or advantageous

    Are you tired of seeing very nice themes in two versions? For example a theme that has a vertical scrolling dock and a bottom scrolling dock version? Decisions decisions! Inure has definitely found a solution to that problem. A one of a kind theme that lets you choose between either a vertical scrolling dock or a bottom scrolling dock.

    For keyboard devices:
    -When you first activate the theme scroll up to the two thumbs
    -Click on any of the 2 thumbs to choose a mode
    -Scroll down to the dock and enjoy!
    -To bring up the page to choose modes simply click the spacebar and scroll up

    • 2 different dock modes in one theme
    • Vertical scrolling dock with 11 customizable icons
    • Bottom scrolling dock with 10 customizable icons
    • No carrier
    • No transitions
    • Wallpaper friendly

    Buy the theme at the Crackberry store HERE
    04-13-11 02:40 PM
  2. kam2958's Avatar
    really good ideal - nice
    04-13-11 03:49 PM
  3. tkwolf's Avatar
    i just posted my review, check it out.
    04-13-11 10:08 PM