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    Color changeable banner, Unique hidden dock with 9 icons, hidden dock with 3 icons, weather slot,
    Hidden dock 9 icons: space-show; esc-hide
    Hidden dock 3 icons: 4 - show; 5 - hide
    Weather slot: * - show; # - hide
    Color dock: 1 - show; 2 - hide
    1- On hidden docks you must be on firs icons when you hide them so you will be able to scroll after.
    2- With everything hidden if you scroll far left the scroll will disappear (intentionally because looks better on main
    screen and nothing selected.
    3- Reset phone after instal.

    You can purchase the theme for $1.49 HERE
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    06-17-11 03:23 PM
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    I just edited my theme Hexagons and added another hidden dock with 3 icons. Enjoy
    06-17-11 05:04 PM
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    Theme updated. Icons in docks are customizable and have notification indicator.
    06-17-11 11:15 PM
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    Very unique theme - well done!
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    06-18-11 09:01 AM
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    Thank you andy.
    06-18-11 09:40 AM
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    Updated to version 1.2
    Improved cursor scrolling on the home screen.
    Note: if you go far right cursor disappears intentionally because looks better on main
    screen and nothing selected.
    06-18-11 01:14 PM