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    PLEASE READ: ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGES to the design of this theme will be made. Theme design is AS-IS. NO CUSTOM REQUEST will be honored. PLEASE REVIEW SCREEN SHOTS BEFORE PURCHASING.
    There will be NO customizations to this theme. What you see is what you get

    9780 OS 6
    9700 OS 6
    9650 OS 6
    9700 OS 5
    9600 OS 5
    9650 OS 5
    9630 OS 5

    To enable hotkey features:

    OS 6 Users-Disable Universal Search
    OS 5 Users-Disable Dial From Home Screen

    QuickLaunch Users: If you are going to use the theme QL hotkey, please adjust your QL settings.
    Weather/OCD slot: Weather app pictured (BerryWeather) is NOT included with theme. "FocusMinimal" BWI sets can be downloaded at my iCandy website. See signature for link.

    *Hidden mini icon dock (0/spacebar)
    *Hidden weather/OCD slot (+/-)
    *Sms ($)
    *QuickLaunch (*)
    *Social Feeds (#) OS 6 ONLY
    *LARGE single numeric custom battery meter (1=10%, 2=20%, 3=30%, etc.)
    *LARGE custom date area (9800 users, touch date are to launch calendar)
    *Wallpaper friendly HOME SCREEN w/semi-transparent banners and gender neutral focus icons

    Element brings to you a wallpaper friendly homescreen with subtle custom features. The semi-transparent banners, dotted signal meter and large numeric battery meter bring a minimalistic feel to the theme that will look great with almost any wallpaper. The hidden mini dock and OCD slots provide the ability to maximize your homescreen space, while still having access to all your much needed apps and icons, with the added convenience of hotkeys. 9800 users can enjoy easy access to their calendar by touching the date on the home screen in both portrait and landscape mode. Element supports landscape navigation on Torch. Fonts are defaulted throughout the theme for font friendliness, with the exception of the home screen.

    Please reboot your device after installation. Please read instructions for accessing hotkey features prior to contacting support or leaving a review. Please double check your device OS and the OS you are selecting while purchasing. Please review screenshots before purchasing. No custom changes will be made.

    Wallpaper courtesy of Prozac 1

    Purchase at CB Appstore for $1.49 or PM me for a chance to win 1 of 5 copies.
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    another great theme. Looks great on my bb!
    06-04-11 11:24 AM
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    what happens when its 2012?? lol

    looks nice
    06-04-11 11:48 AM
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    what happens when its 2012?? lol

    looks nice

    1. There will be an update.
    2. I seriously doubt anyone who purchases themes uses them for that long anyway lol
    06-04-11 11:56 AM