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    **Note: this is a rough version since I'll be going away for a few days. If you have already bought Eclipse before today, you will receive a coupon for this theme**

    Eclipse Custom allows you to customize your BlackBerry to your liking. If anyone would like to do the math of how many different combinations you can have - go ahead, because right now my brain is fried from sleep deprivation.


    - Looping-scrolling-hidden dock
    - Personal message
    - Weather slot options
    - Floating and bouncing icons
    - Hidden today+, scroll from calendar to messages

    The Designer:

    - Page 1: Change the color and opacity levels of the banner, today area, and dock. 5 colors and 4 opacity levels each. Also, what I call a "shader" with 5 opacity levels. More colors in the future.
    - Page 2: Three patterns/designs with 5 opacity levels each. Turn them on/off as you like. More patterns in the future.
    - Page 3: Incomplete. Will allow font colorization and changing of the clock/date underlay.

    Get it HERE for a special price until I return...available in OS 7 icons or default icons...OS 7 is a little slower due to the higher-quality.
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    Video of Verison1, new video coming soon when V2 is fully complete!

    (Bold 9650, OS6)

    07-02-11 07:54 PM
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    Very nice work! Small fiie size, runs with no lag. Additionally; I have access to ALL of my most used themes. I purchase 2-3 themes a week, this tops most of them.

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    07-02-11 10:04 PM
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    Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it - that's all that matters

    07-02-11 10:44 PM