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    De_Nex7 brings the android look to your BlackBerry OS6 device like NEVER BEFORE!

    HUGE clock! Clickable OCD/Weather slot(#13 in app order, reboot or swap themes and back to change icon) Android 4.0 icons throughout!

    Simple and smooth, a joy to use

    Focus on the clock banner and hold the "alt" key and the W key for Black flip/White font
    Hold the "alt" key and press B for White flip/Black font

    Purchase De_Nex7 from MyBBOTA.com for 1.99 today ONLY!

    **battery pull required after install. Clickable OCD works best with trackpad as tochscreen will activate the banner menu.**

    ***ANY REQUESTS SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO TWITTER...donations are apprectiated ***
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    04-08-12 08:58 PM
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    Love it! Great work DC!!!
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    04-09-12 12:30 PM
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