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    BB Design Worx is one year old and we've decided to celebrate by launching this theme and selling it for only $0.99.

    This theme is designed to put you in the driving seat of your Blackberry device. The first thing you will notice is the large battery meter which has a completely custom style. To the left you have a signal meter and to the right the Wi-Fi meter.

    This theme has all the necessary items displayed on the homescreen. You have clock, date, signal type and Wi-Fi network name as well as a large area for notifications.

    The icons are square glass style icons which slide on a center sliding dock which contains 15 user defined icons.

    This theme as you would expect from BB Design Worx has all the keyboard shortcuts, our Adaptive Key Technology (AKT).

    This is specifically designed for people who like to keep the dial from homescreen feature but like shortcuts. This theme has:
    A = Contacts
    B = Browser
    C = Calendar
    F = Facebook
    G = Snaptu (Free App)
    L = Profiles
    M = Messages
    N = Wordpress (Free App)
    O = Options
    S or $ = SMS and MMS
    T = BBM
    Space = Quicklaunch (Paid App)

    BB Design Worx is now one year old and to celebrate this we are selling this theme for only $0.99! Catch it fast - with a file size of only 900kb it's sure to fly around your handset.

    This theme is not wallpaper friendly.

    This theme is on sale for only $0.99 - catch it fast!

    Normal price: $4.99

    06-10-11 02:06 PM