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    My New Theme, called Bridged is NOW AVAILABLE.

    4th of July discount $2.99
    Get it HERE

    • 5 PlayBook Style windows, applications are user defined. The picture in the window is user defined via image on the SD card.
    • 20 icon animated dock
    • All items can be hidden making it extremely wallpaper friendly
    • Hand coded SVG, so it is fast and lag free.

    Control the Home Screen:
    • $ to raise the dock, ESCAPE to Lower it.
    • # to hide just the windows, ESCAPE to bring them back.
    • Scroll to the BlackBerry Icon on the dock and click on it to hide the dock and the windows
    • The BlackBerry logo on the desktop brings them back(You may have to scroll up on the track pad to click it)

    The pictures in the PlayBook style windows are changed by the user, in order to do this you need to follow the steps below:

    Create an image that is 220 pixels wide x 170 pixels high
    create a folder in the root directory of your SD card called bridged. Your directory should look like this Media Card/bridged/
    The image needs to be named properly for the window you wish for it to appear in. Left to right they are tile1.png, tile2.png, tile3.png, tile4.png, and tile5.png
    The image must be a png image, if its a jpeg it will not work.

    Hotkeys for Applications:

    (F) Profiles
    (0) SMS and MMS
    (alt + w) Pictures
    (alt + e) Music
    (alt + r) Videos
    (alt + s) Twitter for BlackBerry
    (alt + d) Facebook
    (alt + f) Youtube
    (alt + z) Setup Wifi
    (alt + x) Ringtones
    (alt + c) Manage Connections
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    This theme is awesome! Extremely fast and definitely functional!

    Here is a video to show it off! (Bold 9650 OS6)

    And some more screenshots!:

    07-02-11 07:44 PM
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    It seems as though something has gone wrong. I don't see any of the customized icons when I scroll left to right. Any solutions?
    08-23-11 11:18 PM