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    You can purchase this theme till 06.12.2011 for $0.99 HERE

    Blur is beautiful wallpaper friendly theme with user changeable color banners,hidden dock for changing banners color using hot keys "*" and "#",custom wallpapers,battery and signal meters,
    5 custom fixed discreet icons on top banner for the most important apps,hidden dock with 6 icons using hot keys "space" and "esc", hidden weather slot using hot keys "shift w" and "shift e", profile icon, hotspots to connections and clock.
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    06-08-11 10:09 PM
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    You can also check my other themes here
    or on my web page (link is the signature).
    06-09-11 07:26 AM
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    Very nice theme & wallpaper friendly. Well done! The changable top banner keeps the theme fresh, but just a couple of tweeks you may want to consider if there will be an update.
    Font in top banner custom icons a bit too small to see
    Message/bbm etc notification cut off in hidden dock
    Otherwise, great job!
    06-09-11 03:47 PM
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    I will fix the problem, probably for the cut off notification I will have to remove one icon because there isn't so much space and for the font in the top banner I can't make it bigger it will go over, but maybe I will put icons instead.
    06-09-11 03:57 PM
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    Personally, I like your theme as it is. It is quite unique. There are quite a few themes out there with icons in the top banner so maybe keep it as it is but reduce the number of apps from 5 to 4 or 3 as you see fit. I think reducing the number of icons in the lower dock to 5 may solve the notification cut off problem. I'm not a theme developer so I do not know if any of my suggestions make sense. Its your design & I'm sure you will come up with something fab when you are done.
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    06-09-11 06:33 PM