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    The World Of Pootermobile is all about making your BlackBerry look and feel good. Just like with yourself, when you put on your favorite clothes, Attire will make you feel good about having a BlackBerry. With a clean look to the homescreen Attire has some nice features for you to enjoy. One of them being a "weather widget" (the ability to hide/show the icon on the top middle of the screen). All you have to do is click the cloud icon on the top banner and you will get a popup giving you the option to turn on or off the weather spot. This feature is a great addition to a stylish theme. Grab Attire today to dress up your BlackBerry!

    • For touchscreen devices: 2 customizable text icons on the bottom
    • Landscape mode available: 4 icon bottom dock with weather slot (weather widget feature not available for landscape homescreen)

    • For keyboard devices: 4 customizable text icons on the bottom

    • Fixed application button (takes you to the applications screen)
    • Weather slot - you must have a free or premium weather app in the first slot of the applications screen in order for weather to appear in the top middle of the homescreen
    • Weather widget: Ability to hide/show the weather slot
    • Profiles icon
    • Fixed music button (takes you to the music app)
    • No carrier
    • Transitions throughout

    Get Attire from the Crackberry store HERE
    05-09-11 04:43 PM
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    Finally grabbed this one and of course I love it... Like always! LoL

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    05-15-11 07:22 PM