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    Alright everybody, it's done! We have put a lot of time into this bad boy and hope you all enjoy it.

    100% Custom Graphics
    Skinned Everything
    Device-Specific Custom HomeScreen
    User Controllable Today Box
    12-15 Sliding dock for Non-Touch Devices
    Hidden Shortcut Dock Non-Touch Devices
    3 Docks, 5 Icons each - all controlled by one button for Touch devices

    Make sure you check out the complete description on the product page!


    PS: This Theme is made by the creators of the award winning Reflect 7 Carbon Theme
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    03-03-11 06:16 AM
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    I just bought it as I was a big fan of their Reflect 7 Carbon theme

    This theme is compatible with

    BlackBerry: Bold 9000, Bold 9650, Bold 9700, Bold 9780, Curve 8330, Curve 8350i, Curve 8520, Curve 8530, Curve 8900, Curve 8910, Curve 8930, Curve 8980, Curve 9300 3G, Curve 9330 3G, Pearl 9100 3G, Pearl 9105 3G, Storm 9500, Storm 9530/9530T, Storm2 9550/9520, Style 9670, Torch 9800, Tour 9630
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    03-03-11 06:20 AM