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    To follow up with my previous theme ( blue glass ) i went on making this one, turns out to be quite apreciated within my BB owning friends so ill put it UP here, i still havent managed to find how in **** i can upload my themes on appverse, i made an account but cant find how to sell, so for the moment my themes remain free hope you like,

    feel free to comment.

    - Palm pre incons set
    - custom wallpaper & wall friendly interface
    - lower centered shortcut set
    - sweet cursor
    -ORANGE <3

    OTA : MyBBOTA.com Download - Palm for OS6

    QR barcode :
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    05-10-11 09:19 AM
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    OTA doesn't work

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    05-10-11 08:10 PM
  3. HooraiCH's Avatar
    bug with mybbota ( fixed) tryed to DL 5 mins ago, works fine here try scanning the barcode
    05-11-11 03:13 AM
  4. skfreak's Avatar
    Link still does not work but Barcode however does - Thx !
    05-11-11 06:15 AM
  5. HooraiCH's Avatar
    link updated
    05-11-11 10:59 AM
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    Thanks mate, (y).

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    05-11-11 04:12 PM