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    I realize this is a repost, but this theme was previously a premium theme and it's not possible to change a thread title.

    is a variation on the BlackBerry6 and SimpleElegan6 themes that let you show your colors!
    (Whether you want to show off to your friends or colleagues, or simply like to be reminded every time you check your phone, "American" is the perfect theme for any American Patriot or those who aspire to be!)

    The theme features countless customizations throughout, while maintaining the clean, crisp 'Blackberry look'.
    "American" uniquely layers the flags and banners _under_ the Blackberry OS icons and makes for a consistent, clean look!

    There is a SimpleElegan6 and a standard BB6 version available!
    Click here to buy it in the CrackBerry Store!
    09-11-11 02:46 AM
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    Just as a reminder, mobihand store download is now fixed.
    09-13-11 11:24 PM