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    I posted for help last month, but I probably didn't use the right wording or... maybe it's not a real, available thing I want!? Please help, as I hate my Bold since I lost the 'Zen Today' theme or whatever it was that came with my Curve 8330...

    Basically, I want my messages (email, text, BBM) to appear on the main screen and maybe my upcoming appointments (need to see how much room the messages take up). In Ontario and New York State it's illegal to interact with your electronic gadgets while driving, so mounted my Curve on my dash so I could see everything... since I upgraded to a new OS 6 phone, I lost that ability.

    I'd be happy if someone could advise me if:

    a) What I'm looking for isn't possible with OS 6 (it wasn't when I bought my phone).

    b) What terms I should search for, when I'm looking for what I want? Is it 'today' that I'm looking for? Or something else to denote it...

    c) Why are there 'hidden today' themes? I don't understand why there's a today yet you'd want to hide today?

    d) If these themes exist, if anyone could advise me of a theme that has the stock icons or 'professional' icons, no silly kid themes with colourful cartoon characters, I'd appreciate it. I thought I found some but the download links are broken or some of them in the app sort have 5 gold stars but lots of people saying "don't download, doesn't work!!"

    Thanks in advance! It might sway me from regretting this phone upgrade...
    05-15-11 12:24 PM