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    Hi all,

    After a short hiatus from theme building, I've returned with something quite special. iStyle is a project I've been working on from a while, and is a spinoff of my previously #1 Best-selling theme on CrackBerry, iBerry 4.

    For those of you who admire iPhone style design, but have a desire for something more unique, I present to you iStyle - by BlingBerry Themes.

    - Over 60 custom designed icons you won't find anywhere else. Our designers spent over 100 hours creating the cleanest, sharpest, and most vibrant icons you've ever seen on your BlackBerry.
    - Incredible attention to detail: We're obsessed with the little things, so we packed iStyle full of beautiful graphics with pixel-perfect attention to detail you just won't find in any other BlackBerry application.
    - Blazing performance: We didn't sacrifice performance to bring you beautiful design, we packed in both. (device restart recommended after loading for best performance)
    - The only theme with an updating calendar icon built in. We've taken our incredibly popular RealCal application and bundled it into iStyle, so not only does the calendar icon show the current date, but it also shows what DAY it is. (this functionality does not exist anywhere else)

    Grab it for $0.99 on BlackBerry App World!


    The homescreen is the most important screen on your device, so we made sure not to bog it down with any overly complex features or animations. What you have here is a CLEAN, and FAST way to access your most important applications. Clean and crisp fonts, and real time reflections on the icon dock make it a joy to use.

    We've been making best-selling themes for years, and we've developed a reputation for producing some of the finest icon sets available. They're super crisp, vibrant, and most importantly - they're unique!

    Notice the updating calendar icon above? It shows both the day and date, something you won't find anywhere. No need to install anything extra, it comes prepackaged with iStyle.

    Our dialog boxes are beautiful, with pixel-perfect design details and clean and crisp fonts.

    Want it?

    Grab it for $0.99 on BlackBerry App World!
    05-14-12 07:37 PM