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    GetSocial is a theme that I have been working on for a long time, something like 5 months now (just adding more polish you would not believe how many times I re-did the icon image set) I put a lot of time and effort into it and I hope you guys enjoy it. I know that many people have left the 9780 for the 9900 now, I wanted to release it before the 9900 came out but I didn't feel it was ready back then. So if you still use a 9780 or a 9780 as a back up phone give it a try! I'm going to be selling it after the weekend but I wanted to give something back to the community you guys are a great bunch, always helpful and supportive. BlackBerry defiantly has the best community out there, nothin' like crackberry!

    Tell me if you like it, I'm open to all comments and criticism.

    Vist the GetSocial website on your BlackBerry to download:
    Home - GetSocial

    GetSocial will be avliable for purchase in BlackBerry App World after the weekend for $2.99

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    10-08-11 09:12 AM
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    1 day left to download free before the weekend ends!
    10-09-11 10:08 AM
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    Looking good.

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    10-09-11 03:35 PM
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    Thanks to everyone who downloaded over the weekend, I hope your enjoying GetSocial! If you missed the free weekend look for it in app world!
    10-10-11 08:35 PM
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    Love the top banner layout.
    10-18-11 05:01 PM