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    Bangin out another free theme, i made this for the group at TAQWA as they have now sponsorship by blackberry. Its another simple theme and who doesnt love free?


    show your supports and purchase my other themes , it would be nice to get something back.
    9700/9650/9780 os6 only
    a new set of pre os7 beta icons
    changed menu colors to resemble the TAQWA web site
    changed indicators to match
    changed indicators to os7
    this theme is wallpaper friendly
    Download via OTA here

    Here is my other works for os6 and 1 os5, show your support please!

    Fixil Dreem only $1.49 also available at blackberry app world
    vew the forum post http://forums.crackberry.com/f227/pr...ah-boi-615038/
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    FokClear only os6 includes weather slot $1.49
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    FokClear for 9700 os5 $1.49

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    06-01-11 12:56 AM
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    few issues fixed now and uploaded
    06-02-11 11:44 AM
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    anyone has more feedback?
    06-07-11 02:12 AM
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    nice theme
    06-07-11 03:29 AM
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    great theme! so perfect!

    whats up with the weblink to taqwa that cant be deleted?

    also, can you add "options" to the network connections dropdown menu when touching the top left of the screen?
    06-10-11 04:40 PM
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    I like the new one. Enjoying the purple. Is there a no tray with this. I guess I am a no trays kind of person. Only speaking for me, it seems to slow the theme down. But indeed I thank you for this free version. V!

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    06-10-11 05:10 PM
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    FokClear is now up for grab in a contest, win your free copy by entering here http://crackberry.com/contest-win-fr...e-copies-grabs
    06-10-11 06:00 PM
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    09-16-15 08:56 AM
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