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    This is a basic theme I put together pretty quickly. Extremely similar to Inversion 1 with all the keyboard shortcuts. Hope you all like!!!

    HotKeys (keyboard shortcuts)

    R - Files
    space bar - QuickLaunch
    $ - music folder
    H - Poynt
    F - FaceBook
    Z - clock
    Q - MeterBerry
    P - Pictures folder
    G - GoogleMaps
    C - voice notes recorder
    X - AppWorld
    V - Video Camera (flash light)
    0 (zero) - Profiles
    Y - BB Traffic

    All the original keyboard shortcuts remain intact. With this set-up ALL keys have an application assignment! Hope you all like.

    Carbon RED OTA
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    03-09-11 04:17 PM
  2. Matrix Leader's Avatar
    Thanks Matt! Nice theme
    03-10-11 03:20 PM
  3. MattDub22's Avatar
    Do you use shortcuts often? I find the phone so much faster with them its crazy!

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    03-10-11 03:30 PM
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    Shameless way to get to the top!
    06-05-11 03:34 PM