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    A re-vamp of my original Element theme, Element 2012 offers the same clean style yourre used to from iHeartMyBB themes with user friendly hotkeys and wallpaper friendly-banners. Element 2012 features a hidden dock, hidden ocd/weather slot, tint feature for use with light wallpapers, hideable 2012 year backdrop, clickable calendar and clock and more. Enjoy Element 2012 for $1.99 for a limited time.


    Hidden Dock (Space/Escape)

    Weather/OCD (+/-)

    Tint (z/x)

    2012 Year Backdrop (1/2)

    Purchase here for $1.99 for a limited time, reg price $2.49

    Element 2012 9800 OS6

    Element 2012 9700/9780/9650 OS6
    01-17-12 02:52 AM
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    Your screenshots never load for me
    01-17-12 03:15 AM
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    that's odd. I see them just fine. I'll look into it. It should pull up a preview if you click the purchase link as well.

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    01-17-12 03:21 AM
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    Outstanding! As always

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    01-17-12 06:23 AM
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    01-18-12 01:44 PM
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    04-10-12 07:59 AM