1. kiseki_o_o's Avatar
    Guys, I just got my 9780 and I upgraded to .359 jAsia.

    However, a strange thing happened and this is the 1st time I've seen an error like this.

    The display/theme/UI are all messed up, as you see on the pics. It seems like the theme was failing and it didn't even let me enter Options - Setup Display.

    It was fine after I downgraded to another version. Can this be the OS's bundle issue, maybe they're missing the default theme?

    Anyone has any idea about this issue on 9780 or other BlackBerry? Just being curious since I've never seen this before.

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    12-18-10 05:48 PM
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    12-18-10 05:51 PM
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    Yup, samosa is correct... if you're with T-Mobile, you need to delete the 2 TMO theme files.

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    12-18-10 06:01 PM
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    Sorry guys, missed that one. Thanks!
    12-18-10 06:14 PM
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    OMG Same thing happened to me and I got so scared, went right back to .284...I ain't upgrading ever again
    12-18-10 06:20 PM