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    ok I'm a t-mobile customer. i want a new blackberry. of course the 9780 is the latest and greatest blackberry on t-mobile. ive been hearing lots of rumors about the new blackberrys about to come out next year.. 1 ghz processors possibly QNX os and the works. my worry is t-mobile will not get these phones. they seem to be more committed to the android platform. should i wait a couple of months and see what comes out or just go for it with the 9780. keep in mind i have a child on the way and money will be tight for me... i have a couple hundred extra dollars right now that i can put towards a new phone. help please??????
    12-24-10 12:03 AM
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    what if they'll follow up with a 2ghz quad core device the year later... too many what if's...

    processors speed on mobile devices isnt everything at the moment, perception is the higher the better but at the moment there isnt any cpu rich application which can use/utilise the cpu to it's full potential.... if i want to use something more powerful, i'll use my pc.

    I'm not saying for you to get or not get this phone, if you need a phone get the phone for your needs at said time. if you have friends with a 9780 ask them what they think and play around with the phone and make you own mind up.

    Technology is progressing very fast and by the time the phone your waiting for, another one will be in the pipeline.
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    12-24-10 12:18 AM
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    Man this device is great and it doesn't matter if you wait for another device because as soon as buy one there is going to be a better version on the horizon. Third bb for me and this thing is awsome my girl has a 9700 and the 9780 runs circles around it. Twice as fast twice the storage no hour glass no waiting for stuff to load. Its 5 megapixel camera is jaw dropping and video cam is beyond anything blackberry has come up with. 500 mb on board storage. I'm on t-mobile usa.........

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    12-24-10 12:40 AM
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    Get the 9780, if one was to wait, he would be waiting forever, and as someone said, the moment you buy that long awaited device, give it a month, and they will announce a newer one and youll feel bad again.

    Just get the best phone at the moment, and be happy with it.

    The 9780 is a great phone! I love it, love the battery, love my OS 6 with no glitches
    12-24-10 01:35 AM