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    Well I am using Version 6.0 and I recently both upgraded from Bunlde 1749 to Bundle 3049 and around the same time installed a new router. I finally got Vlingo to work (it was the Vlingo servers not syncing with 3049 - weird). Anyway, now when I leave my house with wifi (UMA) and transfer to the cell network, about 1/4 of the time the BlackBerry says 'No Service' and I cannot turn it off (with the red key) so I have to do a battery pull. Any clue for a fix?
    01-01-13 02:47 PM
  2. jmd.aKBar's Avatar
    To restart the phone, you can simply do a Alt+right Shift+Del keycombo.
    I heard OS v6.0.0.666 is good with UMA. You might wanna check it out. Sorry, don't have any thing else on UMA - 3g switch freeze thing..
    Check out this guy's post
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    01-04-13 03:27 AM
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    I can't live without UMA as I get really bad phone signal coverage across my house. 3G barely penetrates the walls due to a massive University building in between me and the transmitter on the main road. Before UMA I had to stand in my front window and not move a muscle to get a 3G signal. With this Bold and UMA I can use my phone anywhere in the house.

    Before the .6xx firmware the UMA was patchy and broke up. Especially with the original .4xx that my phone was delivered with. I use .666 now and will not ever part with it because it works so well. (Sorry - don't know the "bundle" numbers apart from to say that .666 is bundle 2921) I avoid the .7xx out of personal choice as I can see little "niggles" in there that I want to avoid. And .666 works so darn well for me that there is no need to upgrade.

    I have my UMA setup on both my home wireless, and with my neighbours four doors down. I am often impressed by the hand offs. Never see "no signal". It is so nippy at swapping I often find that as I pull up outside my house it has already jumped onto my neighbours WiFi signal as I am parking the car as I drive past their door first. Then I walk into my house and it hands over to my home WiFi. All without hiccups.

    I have not tried having an actual phone conversation while I am doing this, but certainly get bbm and sms messages appearing before and after the handover.

    As to battery pulls - I never do them. Ever. I really cannot recall the last time I did one.
    01-04-13 08:25 AM

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