1. callumjack's Avatar

    Have Bold 9780 with a large Vodafone SIM with 600 contacts on the SIM.

    How can i transfer the contacts to the new Classic with micro SIM ?

    Tried Blackberry Desktop Manager (fine for the Bold but doesnt recognise the Classic), tried Link (fine for Classic but doesnt recognise the Bold).

    The SIMs are different sizes so thought about transferring the Bold contacts to the Phone, then using a SIM adapter with the Classic SIM and transferring back...but the Bold cant transfer SIM contacts to phone.

    Google Sync doesnt work with Blackberry..I dont think ?

    Help please !!

    Many thanks
    12-15-18 04:11 AM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    As mentioned in your other thread here, install the device switch app from BlackBerry World onto the Classic, and follow the instructions.
    12-15-18 07:53 AM

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