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    I`ve been having this problem with my trackpad for the past month and was wondering if it was my motherboard or the trackpad. Before I go on, I have dropped my phone in the toilet and dropped it a good amount of times for the year I had it. I dropped my phone in the toilet back around May - June, but after a day of ricing, it started working fine with no flaws. Now for this month, I have been having this problem where the trackpad is completely irresponsive. Then other times I can actually use the trackpad. The catch is that it never switches from -irresponsive- to -functional- if the phone is on. The outcome of the trackpad is determined when I first turn on the phone after a hard reset. If it works when it turns off, then I'll be able to use the trackpad until it reboots and vice versa. The problem is that my chances of a working trackpad when the phone boots up are getting slimmer. Its a game of chance each time I turn it on. I even opened my phone and found the connection of the pad secure. A software wipe also didn't work. So is it my phone or just the trackpad?
    11-13-12 12:32 AM

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