1. sammie1319's Avatar
    So I have a Bold 9780 and my dad has a Bold 9700 and we both busted are screen around the same time in two complete different ways. I was just wondering where could I find new screens and lens for both are phone and how to tell what kind we needed.

    If someone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.
    06-24-11 09:03 PM
  2. Bizarre's Avatar
    I can't help you with what kind you need but I know you can get them off eBay.
    06-24-11 09:14 PM
  3. diegonei's Avatar
    Only way is opening them. Watch plenty youtube videos on how to take the devices apart (the procedure is the same for both) and then get the right screwdrivers (might have to go buy them) and have at them.

    Yes, ebay has them, but SW-Box has them cheaper.

    Good news are you will only be buying two items: 2 LCD screens. There are no lens covering the LCD on 97xx/96xx/89xx devices.

    Also, you two should consider Otterbox cases for your phones...

    And welcome to the forums.
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    06-24-11 09:34 PM