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    I have a bold 9780, with, and no wireless-data plan on it. Any network related stuff is accomplished with wifi, the stock browser, and LogicMail. So no bbm or mms, or any other apps requiring wireless data; and more importantly, no bis/bes access, or service book downloads are possible.

    I noticed recently that I'm not getting calendar reminders any more. Alarm sounds work, Task sounds work, SMS & ringtones work, podcasts, music, videos all work; so, it would appear not to be a sound-is-turned-off kind of a problem. I've pulled the battery for several minutes, uninstalled almost every app I can see, without success.

    I had the facebook app on it, which I removed out of suspicion, as it renamed my default notification profile in Calendar to "facebook". This did not get rid of the notification profile, so like any ***** who knows enough to be a danger to himself, I deleted the CICAL entry for facebook out of the service book page.

    Calendar->options->general-calendar-options->show-alarms is checked
    Calendar->options->Accounts/Default->Display Reminders is checked
    Sounds->Sounds for the selected profile->Events-Reminders->Calendar is configured to play a sound, turn on the LED, and vibrate in & out of the holster, and when I click "try it", I get action.

    I do not get a pop-up window for the reminder either, whereas I do for the alarm, and for tasks.

    I am losing my mind trying to figure this out. Is this just a bug? How do I fix it?
    01-10-13 06:54 PM

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