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    My phone was on a reboot loop it would load for about 2 secs with the blackberry logo and then it switches off and does it again, I looked up some answers in some of the forums and I can't remember which one I followed but now it loads faster and gets to about half way and switches off and comes up with a white screen with the icons that its connected and then an error message 507. I looked up this error message and it says I have to update my system software because it currently doesnt have the os on there. I downloaded the most recent upgrade for my phone.

    I have followed the steps to reloading os system software, went through all the steps apploader etc. and followed the steps and used wizard and desktop manager but when it gets to the last step to put my battery back in it still turns off and reboots therefore it cannot complete the last step to load the applications and re set the phone.

    Help, what to do now?????
    02-16-13 12:48 PM

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