1. johnetix's Avatar

    I have a Bold 9780 that went off and never came back on. When I do a battery pull, the bar starts loading only upto about 10%, and there is when the phone goes off again and never boots.

    I completely wiped my device using both BBSAK and JL-cmder, and reinstalles OS6, with the exact same issue. Trying to boot in safe mode gives me the same result: the status bar raising at first and then the phone just shuts off. I have also tried another battery, and booting plugged to the wall with no battery, no result.

    I just hope this is not a hardware issue since I live in Argentina where we cannot get hardware support nor replacement parts.

    thanks a lot.
    12-24-12 04:21 PM
  2. sectionsix's Avatar
    What about trying to boot with a different MicroSD card. I had a bad card once that cause a similar issue.
    12-25-12 12:32 PM

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