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    I haven't been able to back up my Bold 9780 device using the BlackBerry Desktop Software in over a month. It always seems to hang when it gets to "Quick Contacts", as shown in the attached screen shot.

    Backup using Desktop Software fails-failedbbbackup.png

    Is there somewhere in the BlackBerry Desktop settings where I can choose what gets backed up? Of course, I'm not really sure whether it is hanging on "Quick Contacts" or if it's hanging whatever comes *after* Quick Contacts, but I figure it's somewhere to start.

    I am running version of the Desktop Software (December 13, 2012, bundle 39). My device is running version 6 (bundle 2647).

    Side note: Backups with BlackBerry Protect claim to have been successful.

    Further background information: My Bold has been very flaky lately, requiring several hard resets (battery pulls) per day. I would like to wipe it down and start over to see if that helps. I have another BlackBerry available to me -- a Curve 8520. I would like to transfer everything to the Curve, wipe the Bold, and then move everything back. Worst case scenario would then be that I have to keep using the Curve. When I couldn't get the desktop backup to work, I thought I could transfer everything to the Curve using BlackBerry Protect, but it turns out that the Curve 8520 is not compatible with BlackBerry Protect. So I'm back to trying to get the desktop software to work.
    12-29-12 08:15 PM
  2. PurpleMathMom's Avatar
    Well it seems that public shaming is an effective way to get BlackBerry devices to behave. (Yes, I realize that is completely illogical!)

    My next attempt to backup my Bold using the destkop software was successful.

    Also, I updated the software on the Curve, and it is now willing to work with BlackBerry Protect. So it seems I have two routes available to get data from the Bold to the Curve.
    12-29-12 08:56 PM

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