1. zapstrap's Avatar
    Since I'm unable to convince my friends to give up their iphones, I need a better strategy to deal with all their weird emoticons. Is there a way to add more emoticons to the sms texting emoticon menu? I'd love it if the messages I got & sent could have compatible graphical images, but all searches of the blackberry app world have turned up are a lot of applications for adding emoticons to bbm and e-mails. I suppose I could just switch to the dark side and buy an iphone; I'd rather not, I'm still in love with the bb keys, and the rest of the phone ain't so bad either.
    12-06-12 05:48 PM
  2. raino's Avatar
    You can't really add emoticons to SMS messages, because they are transmitted over carrier networks, and carriers don't transcode these emoticons. It's the same way for foreign language characters.

    My educated guess for how it works on the iPhone is that these emoticon packs work within iMessage conversations, so it's the same as using them in BBM conversations. I would guess that if someone was to send an iPhone user an emoticon in a text message over the carrier network, they couldn't read it.

    So, in short, blame the carrier. Not the phone.
    12-06-12 06:16 PM
  3. zapstrap's Avatar
    Umm, I'm confused; nothing new there. I _thought_ this is how it goes: The blackberry or iphone, or android phone, whatever, parses the sms text message for a specific set of characters, like a : followed by a ), and substitutes a smiley face for that pair of characters. Only the characters are sent, no graphical information of any kind. The recipient's phone must be able to recognize the sequence of characters and replace it so the text message is rendered with the smiley instead of the character sequence. Sooooo, I was thinking that if you could add more sequences, like the ones the iphone uses, and associate graphical images within your phone to those sequences so that they would be substituted as the string of characters is encountered in the message, it should work. If I'm right, it should be possible to add more; but if you're right, emoticons are being transmitted as graphical data, I guess it's impossible.
    12-07-12 06:24 PM
  4. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    "You" can't add more sequences. RIM would have to build it into the OS. And they still would likely not translate between device platforms.
    12-07-12 06:40 PM
  5. zapstrap's Avatar
    Wow, that's not what I wanted to hear! This should be trivial to implement, and would be a sweet feature. I guess it's time to make tracks toward apple, or google. If RIM is that protective when their competitors have taken so much of their market share, I can only conclude they're the dumbest smart guys I've ever seen. Why wouldn't they open things up for us mere mortals to tinker?
    12-07-12 07:51 PM
  6. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    If emoticons are what drives your smartphone experience, well .....
    raino likes this.
    12-07-12 08:35 PM
  7. raino's Avatar
    Keep in mind, no platform is obligated to have the same sequence or the same set of emoticons as its competitors. So, while ( Y ) (a Y in between parentheses...don't get any ideas) might be a thumbs up on BBOS, it could be a dud sequence on iOS or Android. So even if a company had the world's most complete set of emoticons, if the end user device can't decipher them, it doesn't mean squat.
    12-07-12 08:49 PM

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