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    Vista BB Edition

    Supported Devices and OS: 9700 5.0
    Theme Cost: $3.99 - 1 week only, then $4.99 after
    Where to Download?: Purchase now!

    A complete Vista replica including a start menu with everything on the start menu functional for quick access to anything you'd want. 10 total user customized icons (1st designed for a weather program of your choice), 3 next to the start orb for the "quick launch" feel and 6 additional in the start menu for access to any 3rd party or any other icons you'd want. On the right side of the start menu you have clickable words to Browser, Music, Clock, Control Panel (Manage Connections), Profiles, Options, Address Book, Saved Messages. Also selectable Power, Key lock, Search, and Application List to give you a COMPLETE Vista Start menu feel

    **Message and Option lists change to the settings on your BB
    Scrolling up from the Start Orb makes the start menu come up
    Scrolling down off the start menu puts you at the orb, then scroll over to the quick launch icons.
    Today items are NOT possible with this style and layout of the start menu**

    Screen shots

    02-15-10 10:14 PM