1. nextbgates95's Avatar
    Is it possible to modify the existing Precision Zen theme in Theme Builder? I mean, with the icons and everything. I want it to be a custom theme... but I still want the homescreen icons where they are on the "AT&T Zen" theme.

    Really, all I really want is to take the stock theme and add a weather spot near the top of the home screen.
    04-23-10 05:14 AM
  2. Eighty_3's Avatar
    Wouldn't this be stock, with weather, but in different colors?
    http://forums.crackberry.com/f176/97...2green-425195/<---You may need to copy and paste this addy onto your address bar.
    04-23-10 07:40 AM
  3. nextbgates95's Avatar
    That's nice. I just installed it. Looks great.

    If I wanted to make my own theme is there anyway to use that template? Or is the only way to create one using composer and trying to make it match?

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    04-23-10 10:52 AM
  4. Eighty_3's Avatar
    Glad that is working for you. I'm not the one you should be asking. Lets hope one of these fine theme builders/creators will take the time to enlighten you.
    04-23-10 11:05 AM