1. braleysacks's Avatar
    Hey designers, need some help for my perfect theme as I don't have the knowledge or the time, not sure of the correct terminology, these would be the requirements...
    Simple homescreen picture
    Battery icon shows percentage of battery, has all the standard stuff date,time etc
    has a weather icon which show current weather on homescreen
    when connected to wifi, shows service provider and wifi details
    when anywhere on bottom shortcuts, can jump to top shortcuts (date, connectivity, profiles etc)
    When highlighting calendar, shows items
    and if possible when a message comes through before opening it, if you go onj the message icon, it shows details

    I am currently using 3G 9700 by red zapper, comes close except battery doesn't have percentage, weather doesn't show conditions unless on it, once on top shortcuts, can't come straight down (must go to end), doesn't show wifi connection.

    Any advice, please let me know
    03-23-10 08:05 AM
  2. fatboy97's Avatar
    Advice... Weather, get to know your App: the theme does nothing to how apps work.... download, install RIM's Theme Builder and work with it... most of the things you want to do are already in a theme that is out of the box, create a basic theme will give you date, connectivity, profiles, wifi details, etc, etc, etc... work with it... there is no magic pill.
    03-23-10 10:15 AM