1. scwardUGA's Avatar
    I've searched and searched all day for a UGA theme but can only find one for the Storm. Not really wanting to shell out 7 bucks for the one on the appstore. Can someone please make one for the bold? Everybody loves a Georgia dawg. Thanks!
    03-29-10 11:08 PM
  2. ugahairydawgs's Avatar
    There is one for sale over on bplay.com that is $6, but has more detail than the one at the BB App Store.

    I haven't seen any free ones for the 9700.
    03-30-10 08:27 AM
  3. scwardUGA's Avatar
    Ya, but i really just dont think shelling out money is appropriate just for a theme. I would just prefer having one cause i'm a student and i love my school. Besides, coming from an iPhone, they had free themes galore after jailbreak. Was hoping when i got my BB that it would be the same deal
    03-30-10 10:39 AM