1. shankeith's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    So im busy working on my next theme, and i was wondering what you guys think about transitions and hidden docks. I'm always making themes based on what you guys want.

    Its a lot of work to include two different versions. (Or even 3)

    Does it slow down your BB? Do you think its unnecessary?
    What happens if these features were not included in the theme?

    Thanks for helping out guys.
    01-11-10 11:25 AM
  2. PhillyM's Avatar
    to be honest, transitions are very nice for the aesthetics of the phone. I have a theme with transitions and I love it. Does it slow down the phone? No not really, whoever couldnt spare 0.3 seconds before a menu opens should see a doctor.
    However, Im wondering if transitions drain the battery more. Could someone answer this.
    Now, the hidden dock. DONT DO IT. Personally, I like everything organized on the home screen, with all the icons in sight instead of a click before everything appears. It is very annoying. But yeh, maybe others like it very much, you do get a clear view of your wallpaper....

    ok just my two cents, good luck with the theme
    01-11-10 11:40 AM
  3. 10-Dee-Q's Avatar
    on my 9700 transition is great
    but on my 8900 it lagg the phone
    so i think it will be better if you make versions of each.
    01-11-10 11:43 AM
  4. shankeith's Avatar
    However, Im wondering if transitions drain the battery more. Could someone answer this.
    ok just my two cents, good luck with the theme
    it doesn't affect battery life, or atleast not enough to notice
    01-11-10 11:53 AM
  5. maccloud's Avatar
    Transitions are OK, on my Curve 8900 there is almost no lag. Choose one sort transition for app tot screen and back. Menu slide in right and slide out left. No hidden docks for me, just hidden today (calendar and messages).
    01-11-10 12:03 PM
  6. ekjl's Avatar
    It must be tough trying to satisfy different crowds -_-;;

    I appreciate your hard work on your themes. And that goes the same for all themers.

    I'm one who just likes the theme to look nice without the added effects. I personally don't care for hidden docks, hidden today, and transitions.
    01-11-10 01:52 PM
  7. JaguarXJ7's Avatar
    I personally love the transitions; I think they really show how the BB platform is ........ well ....... Transforming over time. I don't find that there is any lag or impact on my battery.

    Hidden Docks are a definate in my book ....... I prefer to have an unobstructed view of my wallpaper. Maybe you could set it up like a theme I use on my Bold 9000 where you have to scroll to the extreme left and click to hide. A simple an effective way to please both sides.

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    01-11-10 06:07 PM
  8. boobah204's Avatar
    My preference for no transitions has more to do with plazmic 4.7 vs. 5.0. I'd prefer my app screen wallpaper to match my user-defined Homescreen wallpaper and I believe that's not possible in 5.0 (and transitions aren't possible in plazmic 4.7)

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    01-11-10 06:16 PM
  9. quillhill's Avatar
    I don't have a preference either way as far as transitions go ... but I'm with boobah204, I like my app screen and lock screen wallpaper to match my home screen wallpaper.

    I like hidden docks a lot. My ideal hidden dock would be a 10-12 icon vertical scroll or even horizontal scroll with hidden today. Must have hidden today.

    Of course, and I know you didn't ask but I'm going to say it anyway, I wouldn't mind a small 10-12 icon L theme, either with stock icons, Android or Mac-style icons, or even something else that looks clean and crisp.

    I have your Finesse theme and like it quite well, so, I look forward to your newest creation.
    01-11-10 07:30 PM
  10. shankeith's Avatar
    it looks like transitions are kinda nice to have, but not really necessary, and no one will cry if i take them off my future releases?
    01-11-10 09:19 PM
  11. word_play's Avatar
    it looks like transitions are kinda nice to have, but not really necessary, and no one will cry if i take them off my future releases?
    ill cry...im a big fan of transitions.
    01-11-10 09:33 PM
  12. Icarus3000's Avatar
    Another fan of transitions here!
    01-12-10 08:46 AM
  13. wowser's Avatar
    A definite yes for me on transistions!! Please don't take them out!! I think they make your excellent themes even better. Also i am a big fan of hidden docks. They allow you to view as much of the wallpaper as possible while still maintaining functionality.

    (i didn't see this thread since it was on the BOLD forum. did you start one on the Tour forum?)
    01-13-10 10:17 AM
  14. haggisgirl's Avatar
    Transitions, either way. Hidden dock, hidden today, definitely. Also, ShortcutMe on spacebar. I'm really loving your Finesse theme! Thanks for all your hard work!
    01-13-10 12:09 PM
  15. eds817's Avatar
    Transitions - YES

    Hidden docks - Doesn't matter either way to me
    01-13-10 01:02 PM
  16. zeromaru's Avatar
    Transitions: yes pls, fade like finesse, or slide maybe

    Hidden Dock: nope :P

    i was gonna open a thread (maybe i still will), with link to mobihand, finesse, asking people help me find more themes (free or paid), with "semi transparent" background on menues (i really loved that about finesse).

    The theme itself rocks, but i would really like to have 10 normal sized icons in the home screen, or... some number of smaller ones (6 at least).

    with finesse and the nice looking scrolling dock, i kind of find myself always pusshing the bb button and looking for my apps in the app screen :P

    also, the weather app slot, at least for me, is used for metterberry, since i like having weather on my background (not with the super sized icons tho :P )
    02-14-10 05:10 PM
  17. xberzerkx's Avatar
    Hidden today and transitions

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    02-14-10 08:58 PM